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Bryant M. Shiller

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Introduces the “Rational Design Hypothesis”

It's all here in The 5th OPTION: What Life is; What it is doing here; and How it got here! The answers will change forever your perception of reality!

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations Used in The 5th OPTION

NOTE: All italics used in the Glossary indicate original terms, expressions and/or ideas developed in this book.

  ACP Anthropic Cosmological Principle: "The universe is fine-tuned for the evolution of intelligent life"  
  ADP "Discharged" biochemical fuel cells that can be recharged into ATP.  
  Adaptive Evolution Evolution by means of ‘adaptive selection’: species’ built-in propensity to anticipate changes to external biosphere conditions.  
  Adaptive Selection A more precise description of ‘Natural Selection’ as the prime mover of evolution whereby LS species come equipped to survive by anticipating changes to external biosphere conditions (‘species biosphere-attribute anticipation’ (SBAA)).  
  AmAcid Node Diagram Visual representation of the special relationship between the codons and their single basepair mutations  
  Anticodon The basepair compliment of a codon that forms part of transfer DNA.  
  Apoptosis Programmed cell death.  
  Archeabacteria Considered the most ancient prokaryotic life-form in biology.  
  Artificial Life (AL) Computerised metaphoric analog of living entities  
  ATP Chemical "storage batteries" that provide energy to fuel all cellular activity.  
  BA Biosphere Attribute: A single variable biosphere condition affecting organism survival.  
  Basepair A single chemical letter in the genetic alphabet.  
  Chemical Soup The aqueous environment within which biological life is thought to have self-generated (abiogenesis), according to the 2nd OoL option.  
  Chromosome A collection of genetic and “junk” sequences of DNA.  
  Coded Self-Assembly Self-replication that occurs under the control of coded information.  
  Codon A single chemical word composed of three letters of the genetic alphabet (signifies one of 20 amino acids or “stop” instruction).  
  Complexity A nebulous description of convenience applied to any complicated phenomenon.  
  Creationism The 1st OoL Option: "God created Life on Earth!"  
  Distribution Curve A plot of the distribution of measurable species attributes (SA's).  
  DNA The chemical medium where the species genome is written.  
  DPS Directed Panspermia - The 4th OoL Option: "The seeds of Life were purposely dispersed from somewhere in outer space."  
  Ecosphere Areas of the universe habitable by living things.  
  Elan Vital Suggested “life-force” ingredient that permeates the living phenomenon.  
  Embryogenesis The formation of a complete organism from a single cell.  
  Emergence, Theory of Essentially: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  
  EpE Equivilency Principle of Evolution: “Fitness derived from changes to BA’s are equivalent to that derived from SA’s.”  
  Eukaryotic Cell Nucleated biological cell from which all higher life forms are derived.  
  Eubacteria More recent bacteria considered to be derived from archaebacteria.  
  ETI Extra Terrestrial Intelligence  
  Evolution The subsystem of the life-system (LS) responsible for species adaptation to changing external biosphere conditions. Also, the results of such adaptation.  
  Evolution Filter Function of the specific degenerate form of the genetic code.  
  Exobiology Field of research into the likelihood of the existence of extraterrestrial biological life.  
  Exon Expressible sequence of genetic DNA.  
  Fortuitous Emergence System change (characteristic of life) that is neither deterministic nor retraceable.  
  FPE Formitive Period of Evolution  
  Gene A single genetic instruction (usually a recipe for a protein).  
  Genetic Code The 64 possible combinations of chemical 3-letter words that code for the 20 amino acids used throughout the LS and the instruction "stop".  
  Genotype All of the expressible information contained within an organism's genetic library.  
  Hydrothermal Vents Light deprived hydrothermal deep sea ecosystems that support unique life-forms.  
  Inevitable Emergence System change (characteristic of non-life) that is deterministic and therefore retraceable.  
  Information A set of data.  
  Intron Intervening information DNA sequence commonly referred to as "junk DNA".  
  ISRN Inverse Square Root of N rule: A mathematical expression of confidence for a group of observations, dependent on the number of events “N”  
  Intelligence (dictionary)    
  Intelligence (generic) System capacity to: counteract entropy of information; differentiate information from randomness; affect “choice” over “chance”.  
  LS The Life System: The total interactive system comprising biological life on the planet.  
  "M" mutation Basepair mutations to genetic information that occur in sex cells between the time an organism emerges (is produced) and the time it reproduces offspring.  
  "m" mutation Basepair mutations to genetic information that occur only during the actual replication processes involved from the time offspring replication begins until the emergence of a fully formed offspring (embryogenesis).  
  mRNA Messenger RNA: Edited working copy of a gene  
  Militant Enthusiasm Term coined by Kanrad Lorenz to describe the human propensity for attitudes that fuel human aggression that leads to "warfare".  
  Morphogenesis The formation and differentiation of tissues and organs during embryogenesis.  
  Mosaic gene A gene which contains both introns and exons.  
  NASA National Aeronautical and Space Administration  
  Natural Selection Darwinian doctrine of evolution by selection of the fittest organisms that pass on their genes to future generation(s).  
  Occam's Razor The maxim: "Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity."  
  OGEF Operational Genetic Evolution Filter: The capacity of the form and function of the genetic code to control and guide the consequences of random mutations within the genotype in specific non-random directions within the phenotype  
  Phenotype The physical expression of the information contained within the genetic library of an organism.  
  Polypeptide A chain of linked amino acids.  
  PoM Principle of Mediocrity (as it applies to Life): Chances are that life is a common occurrence in our universe.  
  PdP Primary Design Platform of Life: The basic irreducible operational framework of bio-life not subject to evolution.  
  PdPe Generic eukaryotic PdP.  
  PdPp Generic prokaryotic PdP.  
  Prokaryotic Cell Primitive cell from which all bacteria are derived.  
  Protein A polypeptide chain of amino acids folded in three-dimensional space.  
  PS Panspermia - The 3rd OoL Option: "Life originated from seeds from outer space."  
  QO Quantized organism = Quantized genotype (QG) expressible as Quantized phenotype (QP)  
  QTE Quantum Theory of Evolution: A proposed theory that only certain “quantized” genotypes (QG) can qualify as capable of being translated and expressed as viable phenotypes (QP). The theory is meant to explain both missing transitions in the fossil record as well as ‘punctuated evolution’.  
  Rational Having reason or understanding; relating to, based on, or agreeable to reason:  
  RDH The Rational Design Hypothesis - The 5th OoL option: “Life was purposefully engineered and implanted on planet Earth to solve a utilitarian problem  
  Ribosome Cellular machine tool that translates genetic instructions into proteins  
  RNA The chemical medium where genetic information is transcribed from DNA into a “working instruction”, before being translated into a physical protein.  
  RNA World A general solution for the 2nd OoL option that suggests RNA as a chemical precursor molecule predating biology.  
  SA Species Attribute: A single variable within a species phenotype important for survival.  
  SAb Spontaneous Abiogenesis - The 2nd OoL Option: The "primordial chemical soup" OoL theory – life spontaneously happened all by itself  
  SBAA Species Biosphere Attribute Anticipation: The primary mechanism of ‘Adaptive Evolution’ responsible for species ‘Selective Adaptation’.  
  SE Systems Engineering: The "intellectual catalyst" used in The 5th OPTION to analyze the form, function, and design intent of biological Life.  
  SEGI Search for Extraneous Genomic Information  
  SETI The "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence".  
  Synonymous Mutation Basepair change that yields no amino acid substitution.  
  UDIF Universal Dogma of Information Flow: “Design must derive from information; information must derive from intelligence; intelligence must derive from intelligence;…”  
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