Book Cover Origin of Life: The 5th OPTION


Bryant M. Shiller

542 pages; Perfect bound quality trade paperback; ISBN 0-9739936-0-X;
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Introduces the “Rational Design Hypothesis”

It's all here in The 5th OPTION: What Life is; What it is doing here; and How it got here! The answers will change forever your perception of reality!

  About the Author

Brian Shiller        Bryant Shiller earned an engineering degree from McGill University, Montreal; worked as a communications engineer prior to becoming an independent entrepreneur.

       "The most important aspect of my university education was in learning how to think like an engineer and discovering that the engineering mindset can be applied to analyze virtually any set of problems - 'Origin of Life' included."

       Always the perpetual student and multi-talented - his intellectually curious nature led him to consider alternatives to the generally ineffectual efforts at solving the Origin-of-Life mystery. He recognized that the "chemical soup" approach favoured by mainstream science was in trouble and became convinced that the solution to understanding the bio-life phenomenon required "out-of-the-box" thinking.

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